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For many, a trip to Maui from December 15th - April 15th is not complete
without a Maui whale watching experience. Trilogy's wide, comfortable,
catamarans offer a stable viewing platform that makes this ocean
experience safe for the whole family. On this two-hour whale watch, Trilogy
is dedicated to sharing accurate information about the Humpback Whale
and its habitat with our guests through our onboard naturalists. Our goal is
to give the guest a meaningful encounter with these magnificent creatures
without disturbing their behavior and following the Sanctuary Whale
Watching Guidelines (recognizing the approach limits of 100 Yards).

For three generations they have been meeting or exceeding visitor's
expectations. Guests come from all over the world and from all walks of
life. But they all have one thing in common...they all deserve the very
best. Trilogy invites you to join them soon for the best day of your


(808) 874-5649 Toll-Free: 1-888-225-MAUI
Video courtesy Trilogy Excursions
Each winter there's an increase in visitors to the islands, Humpback whales, the State of Hawaii's official marine
mammal. From as early as September until as late as May, humpback whales can be seen in the near-shore
waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands and West Maui is one the best viewing areas in all of Hawaii.

Scientists estimate that approximately 4,000 to 5,000 humpback whales, two-thirds of the North Pacific stock,
migrate to Hawaii each winter. From their feeding grounds in Alaska, they cross 3,000 miles of ocean to reach
their winter destination, which offers the promise of relaxation, adventure and "romance." The primary
activities that humpback whales engage in during their stay in Hawaii include mating, birthing and nursing.
Male humpbacks also spend their time competing with others for female attention and perfecting their singing

A whale watching cruise can be an awe-inspiring experience from the water. Mothers can be seen teaching their
calves to breach, and males can be seen competing with one another in fierce head-to-head battles. The
underwater vocal stylings of male humpback whales can even be heard by divers, snorkelers and boaters. The
thrill of such encounters has fostered a strong love of humpbacks in the islands.
Whale Watching Cruise video courtesy Pacific Whale Foundation. Click HERE for the PWF YouTube Channel.





Experience Maui's top-rated whalewatch with the experts at Pacific Whale
Foundation—departing from historic Lahaina Harbor. We offer multiple
departure times from Lahaina, including sunrise, morning, afternoon and
sunset cruises. We also offer Whalewatch Specials from Lahaina with
discounted prices.

Informative and fun, each two-hour whalewatch is led by a team of certified
Marine Naturalists, who explain and interpret the social behavior of
humpback whales. Listen to whale songs through underwater hydrophones
and watch a variety of whale behaviors.

Whale sightings are guaranteed on all Pacific Whale Foundation
whalewatches (from November 7 – May 15) or you go again free at your
convenience within one year of your cruise. We are proud of our 97%
sighting success rate. This boat tour will take you through the breeding and
mating area of the North Atlantic Humpback Whales. Every trip is different
on these ocean adventures, you never know what you will experience.

(800) 942-5311

Whale watching on the Calypso could be the coolest two hours you spend on
Maui in the wintertime. This fabulous catamaran is really decked out (there
are three levels, plus a great captain and crew), which ensures a great view
of the water's surface.

Your marine naturalist will keep you entertained with explanations of all the
humpback happenings like mamas teaching babies how to breach, a
competition pod of males running through the area, or a whale couple
engaging in synchronized swimming.  With snacks, drinks, and whales on the
smooth-riding Calypso, we can't think of anything else you'd need.

Whale, what are you waiting for?  Book your seats on Calypso now!

(808) 856-4260 or Toll Free U.S. (888) 700-3764

101 Maalaea Boat Harbor Rd, Wailuku, HI 96793

Harbor Office: (808) 243-5818

DLNR Maui Office: (808) 243-5824

20° 47′ 28″ N, 156° 30′ 36″ W

Maalaea Bay, Island of Maui
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Alii Nui offers Luxury Saling Excursions on their 65' sailing catamaran from
Maalaea Harbor.

Alii Nui offers custom private charters as well as a Romantic Sunset Sail,
Watching from December to April.

Alii Nui also offers Huka Diving with a surface supplied air system to
breath underwater and without the need for Scuba certification.

Complimentary transportation is available from the resort areas on the
south shore and west shore of Maui.

(808) 875-0333 or Toll Free in US 1-800-542-3483

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Four Winds II is a 55' sailing catamaran with glass bottom viewing and
offers a Morning Snorkel to Molokini Crater and an Afternoon Snorkel to
Coral Gardens or Molokini dependng on winds.

Maui Classic Charters has been offering sailing cruises in Hawaii for over
30 years.

Four Winds II offers upper and lower decks with plenty of shade in a
covered cabin, a complete galley and bar, fresh water shower, waterslide,
BBQ and a stereo sound system. Free use of their snorkeling equipment.

(808) 879-8188 or Toll Free 1-800-736-5740
Four Winds II
The vessels Paragon and Paragon II each feature new construction
techniques and hull design paired with state-of-the-art rotating carbon
fiber masts. This mast technology was used by the America's Cup winning
catamaran, Stars and Stripes, and results in each ships ability to achieve
incredible speeds while ensuring your safety and comfort.

Maui's fastest, high performance sailing catamarans offer sailing charters,
Molokini Crater and Coral Gardens Snorkeling, Lana'i beach Picnic Sails
and Lahaina Sunset Sailing and Lahaina Private Charters.

Whale Watch - December to April

(808) 244-2087

or Toll Free

Paragon Sail Maui
Trilogy Excursions